Francesco, Stefano and the electronic music

I was born in Bologna on October 27th 1954.

I believe, I love music since then, for my sister Alessandra, who studied piano as a concert performer at the time, would make me listen while she was practicing and as a spectactor at her concerts.

At 8 years old: my very first guitar and the first music lessons! I didn’t liked these, I preferred to try to play my own music and to play the songs that interested me most.

I was 12 during the “rock age”, my attention was all for pop groups such as: Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull and all the other great bands of the time along with the famous songwriters (Bob Dylan, CSNY, Neil Young) etc...

The turning point came with the listening of Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother. The use of the electronical devices fascinated me incredibly. It was so, that I began my resarch about synt and electronical effects in general, but I was also helped by the listening of artists such as Tangerine Dream, Popol Vuh, Klaus Schulze and later on Jean Michael Jarre, Kitaro, etc...

After 4 years with the band (Ex Aequo) that I had set up, I decided to go on as a soloist and so I recorded in 1979 an LP by the title Journey, an indipendent production that had excellent also results outside Italy.

At the same time, I began to work with with Rai (Italian national broadcast television) journalists, I wrote background music for them, this, I still do today along with web music, music for documentary films, for plays and for animation theatrical works.

From 1996 I have my personal studio, where I record my own music, that is now being introduced in this web site.
I was born in Castel San Pietro Terme on January 13th 1990.

I started to love music when I was only 4 or 5 years old, listening to my father’s works, classical music and 70's rock music.
But the real inspiration came watching my father while he was creating his cd “La Via”, a masterpiece that I love in every single moment of its creation, from the first notes to the final mix down.
Thank to this, I decided to take piano lessons, but after a few months I understood that wasn’t what I wanted to do; I just wanted to do something different, even if I couldn’t play any instrument.
When I was 13 I asked my father to teach me how the keyboards and the synths worked and also the process of recording and producing music and the right use of the computer programs; but the most important thing I asked him was if I could use his studio to start doing my own electronic music.
After his affirmative answer, which comported a big responsibility, I started to record my own first tracks.
I was 14 when I recorded “Atomic Power”, my first electronic track, which was quite good.

Everyone helped me with it; my father, his friend and also musician Giorgio for the technical part and my mother and my sister that listened every day to my music and gave me some advices about the track and its development. So I could finish the work that I still like a lot, especially if I think about the age I was when I made it.

In the next few years I had the opportunity to make some tracks, which have been used after as soundtrack in the short film of “Carrera”, an important sport event that takes place every year in Castel San Pietro, near Bologna.
Another great pleasure came when one of my tracks has been used as soundtrack for a Internet spot about an electric car, the “Tazzari Zero”.

I’ve got many ideas, maybe too many, but I surely still doing something creative and also just for fun.